Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hotel at Edgewood golf course?

unedited nov tahoe mt news story:

By Kathryn Reed

One of the largest private land owners in the Lake Tahoe Basin is looking to develop some of its Stateline property.
Park Cattle Co., which used to run herds of cattle where gamblers now lay down cash and golfers drive white balls, is exploring the possibility of putting in a high-end hotel with luxury amenities such as a secluded pool right on the golf course made famous by the annual American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament.
It’s too early in the process to put a price tag on the project or to know what type of lodging the market could sustain.
Years ago the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Douglas County approved the Stateline Community Plan, which calls for a maximum 250 units on these 6-plus acres.
“I do know they are looking to do something,” Douglas County Commissioner Nancy McDermid said of Park Cattle.
First, the company needs to do more legwork. Attorney Lew Feldman speculates that within the next year enough analysis will have been completed for Park Cattle owners to decide if they want to go forward with the process, which would include seeking commissioners’ and TRPA approval and going through the environmental process.
For years people have talked about changing Highway 50 from five lanes to three through the casino corridor and routing traffic on the loop road. Feldman does not foresee this adversely affecting the potential Park Cattle project.
“I think when you have the opportunity to have a lakefront project that happens to be surrounded by golf, you are in a league of your own,” said Feldman, who is working with the Carson Valley-based land owners. “It really is a glorious site that is sufficiently insulated from a lot of the urban character in that core.”
Stand in the parking lot of Edgewood Tahoe facing the Lake, then turn around. Up to the right, including part of the course, is where the development could occur. Some of the holes would be reconfigured.

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