Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crime stats in Douglas County

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More people, less crime in DC

Violent crime in Douglas County went down in 2007 compared to the previous year despite an influx in population.
The Uniform Crime Report Data was recently released by the Nevada Attorney General’s Office.
In 2006, 50,108 people lived in the county. That number increased to 51,770 in 2007. The county had 85 violent crimes reported in 2006 and 69 in 2007. Percentage-wise, that’s a population gain of 3.31 percent and an 18 percent decrease in crime.
“Sheriff Ron Pierini is also proud to announce the 2007 crime clearance rate for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office ranked 10% higher than the average for Nevada law enforcement agencies, and 6% higher than the national average for law enforcement agencies,” a press release stated.
The 2007 crime clearance rate for the county was 25.42 percent, the state rate was 14.9 percent and nationally it was 19.3 percent.

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