Saturday, October 11, 2008

CalStar's EKG system

Two years ago, CalSTAR personnel based at Lake Tahoe Airport approached Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare about the possibility of creating a field EKG system.
It took that much time to raise the necessary money as well as convince everyone involved that this was a good idea.
“In the past, we had to wait until the patient was admitted to determine if he or she was having a heart attack. Now, thanks to the EKG in the field program, we receive the results from the ambulance as soon as the test is run. This saves us anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes on the time it takes to begin an interventional cardiac procedure,” David Tillman, doctor and chair of emergency services at Carson Tahoe, said in the summer CalSTAR newsletter.
Another item of note with the local CalSTAR crew is a training mission it did recently with the U.S. Marines’ Mountain Warfare Training Center based in Bridgeport.
“Basically, what we were doing was establishing the base’s casualty evacuation [Standard Operating Procedure] working with civilian air support while training the mountain warfare instructors,” MWTC range safety officer Michael Teeuwen is quoted in the same newsletter.

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