Monday, June 29, 2009

New book -- The Ice Age

This just published by my cousin:

The Ice Age
Kirsten Reed
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A teenage girl is in the passenger seat; the driver is an older man. As they criss-cross America, destined for who knows where, she watches him and wants…what he is, what he has. She sees the black looks and knowing smiles they attract but believes they are safe in their small, charmed world of backroads, motels and diners.
Her companion knows the road does not go on forever.
The Ice Age is a brilliant new take on the road novel. It evokes Kerouac and Nabokov in equal measure, describing an irresistible arc through the shining, translucent moment at the end of childhood. Earthy, lyrical, laced with sly humour and sharp observation, Kirsten Reed’s superb debut presents a young protagonist to fear and rejoice for—and a young writer to watch closely.
Praise for The Ice Age:
‘Compelling—the twenty-first century love child of Lolita and Huck Finn.’— Christos Tsiolkas
‘At its core, this is a story about loss of innocence, ambiguously portrayed…There is a creeping unease about the ordinary…The language here is lush and sensuous, with stark imagery (‘iceberg eyes’) and wonderfully sharp observations. The novel effortlessly seduces the reader with its compelling characterisation and lingering sense of menace. The central character's reckless hunger for experience of all kinds is a heightened version of the necessary adolescent journey from innocence to knowledge.’— Australian Bookseller & Publisher
‘This road trip, told with energy and enthusiasm, picks up the reader, too, and takes them on the journey, which has twists and turns.’— Launceston Examiner

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