Sunday, January 13, 2008

El Dorado County residents can get aid from storms

El Dorado County Sheriff Office
Press Release
For Immediate Release Sgt. Bryan Golmitz
Emergency Declaration Update
The County of El Dorado is in the process of working with the State Office of Emergency
Services (OES) with the hopes of acquiring additional State and Federal assistance for the public
and private property damages that occurred during the January 04, 2008 severe weather event.
Key to receiving additional assistance is the Federal Government determining that public and
private property damage in the County of El Dorado is severe to the point that Federal relief
assistance is needed for individuals and business owners to recover.
The State Gubernatorial Declaration we received earlier this week addresses only public property
belonging to cities, counties, and special districts. If El Dorado County receives Federal
approval, Federal relief assistance may become available to those individuals and business
owners who suffered property damage.
So that FEMA, Small Business Administration (SBA), and other Federal officials have a clear
picture of the damage that occurred as a result of the severe weather event (flooding-mudslidetrees
into homes etc.) we are asking residents with damage losses to report that information as
outlined below. This information will in turn be shared with State OES and Federal officials for
their assessment. Please understand that the information you are providing here is not an
application for relief assistance, nor is it a guarantee for such relief. This is simply information
gathering to assist FEMA with their damage assessment.
Should we receive Federal approval, County OES will coordinate with FEMA to establish
Disaster Assistance Centers (DAC) throughout the county. We will utilize local and regional
news agencies to inform the public about the dates, times, and locations of DAC centers so
Federal relief applications can be made. We will continue to update this web page as well as our
County OES information line at (530) 621-5866.
Persons wishing to report their damage can do so by e-mail at Utilizing
our Web page would be the most efficient and convenient method for us to retrieve this
information, and so we hope you will use that method. If you do not have access to e-mail you
can leave the information on our above listed OES information line.
We would like to know the following information:
1. Name, address, and daytime contact phone number for the owner of the property that was
2. A description of the damaged property that includes:
a. Street address of where the damage occurred
b. What was damaged and how
c. Approximate cost to repair the damage to original state
d. For businesses please include an estimate of lost sales, and how that occurred
(example: unable to rent rooms because of extended power outage)
Again, please send this information to

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