Sunday, January 13, 2008

Political insight from a high school English teacher

The following is from a friend in response to a column in last week's NYT by Gloria Steinem and the email letter being circulated by Michael Moore:

If I had the time to start my own blog, I probably would be forwarded around the country among the other disenfranchised middle aged white men who have become the newly marginalized voters in this increasingly gender and race conscious nation. How does one choose? Consider the field:

"Elect me, I am a Latino, and I know what it feels like to be pushed to the side...or at least my Mom did and she even knew how it felt to be discriminated against for both race and gender!" (although Bill has since dropped out as of today)

"Give me your vote. I am the only candidate who has thirty five years of leadership experience telling my husband how to lead. Besides that, I have the anatomical apparatus to make my election a truly historic event!"

" I deserve your vote because no one else does, and it is time for a change of leadership in Washington. Although my heritage is not one of racial oppression, my skin tone suggests that it is."

"No one has got your back like I do. 9-11! 9-11! 9-11!"

"Sure corporate America has a firm grip on the leadership in America, and nobody knows corporate America like I, a Mormon fat-cat demagogue with just a tint of gray at the temples!"

"America OWES me a chance to do to it what the NVA did to me for five years!"

"Who would JESUS vote for?"

"I'm not really a leader, but I have played one on TV."

So who are you going to vote for? And really, does it make a
difference? As Moore so aptly points out, it doesn't necessarily change the outcome of the election who garners the greatest popular vote. It is really more about the electoral college isn't it? Imagine, Shrub edged out Gore and Kerry in the electoral college, and daddy didn't even have to buy them a new science building. Or did he?

It's all your fault Kae. The kids trudged out of her thirty minutes ago, and I have been ranting ever since. I hope you are pleased with yourself.

I think I'll go home and see who NPR says will be the next president today.

Oh, by the way, NPR did tell me that should Huckabee somehow, though some divine intervention, garner the nomination, Steven Colbert has a lock on the #2 spot on the ticket. Now THERE is a reason to be hopeful.

Hope you are enjoying the weather.

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