Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crime stats in Douglas County

2/08 tahoe mt. news:

By Kathryn Reed

Just when it looked liked the last quarter of 2007 would mark a drop in the number of sale and possession for sale of methamphetamine cases in Douglas County, deputies arrested three people in late December and confiscated 9 pounds of meth.
“That blew away the previous trend of declination,” Sgt. Jim Halsey of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office told the Tahoe Mountain News.
A report released last month by the department details what the Street Enforcement Team has been up to. Four years ago DCSO assembled a group to focus on crimes related to illegal drug activity occurring in the county and nearby towns.
Patrol officers make drug related arrests as well, but those figures are not contained in the report.
At the Lake last year, the Street Team investigated six cases which resulted in the seizure of:
• 83.7 grams (2.93 ounces) of cocaine
• 499.4 grams (17.52 ounces) of meth
• 506 ecstasy tablets
• 3 vehicles
• 2 handguns
• 1 assault rifle.
Eleven people were arrested. The street value of the drugs seized was $68,430.
The sizable meth bust in December was in the valley. Down there, deputies had 50 investigations that resulted in 71 arrests. In addition to same types of things seized at the Lake, in the valley deputies confiscated heroin, marijuana, houses, vehicles and cash.

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