Wednesday, February 20, 2008

March 5 EDC Grand Jury info

El Dorado County Grand Jury to Hold Informational Open House

(Placerville, CA)—The 2007-2008 El Dorado Grand Jury will hold an informational Open House on March 5, 2008 between 5 and 7 p.m. at the ground floor atrium of County Building B, 360 Fair Lane Drive. The purpose of the Open House is to present information to county residents interested in the function of the jury, as well as requirements for serving as a member.

Rosemary Mulligan, current foreperson of the Grand Jury, will introduce the18 member grand jury to those in attendance and explain the grand jury selection process, role of the grand jurors, commitment and obligations, as well as the orientation and training provided to assist jury members in the performance of their year-long duties.

The Honorable Judge James Wagoner, the Supervising Judge of the Grand Jury, is expected to attend. A tour of the Grand Jury chambers will follow the briefing.

The County Grand Jury is an investigative body of 19 citizens who are charged and sworn to investigate county matters of civil concern, as well as to inquire into public offenses committed or triable within the county.

As an independent arm of the court, the Grand Jury represents the public’s interests including, but not limited to, concerns regarding such areas as county government, city government, special districts, local school districts, annual inspection of the adult jail and juvenile facilities and inspection of county buildings.

California and Nevada are unique as being the only two states still maintaining County Grand Juries.

Refreshments will be served.

Additional information can be obtained by calling (530) 621-7477.

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