Wednesday, April 9, 2008

South Tahoe boy dies in Iraq

Timmy Smith, a sergeant in the US Army, died in Iraq on April 7. I didn't know him. The 25-year-old graduated from South Tahoe High. His mom works at Barton Memorial Hospital. He has a brother and sister. His dad is in Reno. The street his mom lives on in South Lake was full of cars last night as word spread. Talk at the gym this morning was about this.

I don't understand this war. I don't understand why we are there. I don't understand how we got there. I don't understand a president who thought he had finish what daddy didn't do. I don't understand people (like George and his buddies) who make money (through oil and contracts) off other people's suffering.

I have a keychain called Bush Countdown Clock ... only 285 days, 7 hours and 15 minutes until he is gone.

But what will we be left with? Already we have lost more than 4,000 servicemen. That doesn't count the Iraqi soldiers or those from any other country who have died. It doesn't count the civilians -- American or others.

What are these people dying for? It's all so sickening.

I am so lucky to have my nephew back on US soil. He returned with the 82nd Airborne earlier this year after about 15 months in Iraq. This was the 25-year-old's second stint in the desert. His first child was born in October 2006, he left the next month. What is our government doing to families?

We have got to stop allowing such recklessness in Washington. We have got to find the answers and not follow like lemmings. We must think for ourselves. We must be the change ...

It's all so sad ...

Side note: An account has been set up for Timmy’s family (wife and small child) at Bank of the West. Any donation can be made to account number 002-500-223. If you need information regarding this account, please contact Maria Crist at 541-7310 (Kindertown preschool) or 559-4274 9 (Cell).

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Anonymous said...

I am an South Tahoe graduate (84) ex national guard member upset to hear that a member of the Tahoe community lost his life in this wasteful war. My thought are with hid family, especialy his child and wife. In 2003 I moved my family out of the US and to Australia in an effort to raise my child in a less martial obsessed country, which also has full health care and six weeks of paid vacations for the working class. I am a proud American,but have not regretted my descision for one minute.