Thursday, May 15, 2008

56-acre project

april tahoe .. unedited

By Kathryn Reed

Looking at Lake Tahoe is often breathtaking. Looking at the shore from the Lake is not so great.
Slides presented at the March board meeting of the California Tahoe Conservancy proved that fact. Fortunately, the board is going forward with its commitment to improve El Dorado Beach.
The board OK’d $800,000 in expenditures for final design and permitting for site improvements in the waterfront portion of the 56-Acre Project.
In July 2006, South Lake Tahoe and El Dorado County decided to improve this area that mostly encompasses Campground by the Lake, the city recreation center, the beach and boat ramp. Both government bodies were presented with the preferred concept plan for the entire project in January.
Currently, three types of retaining walls separate the pedestrian walk from the beach. One is falling apart. It’s possible a terraced area will be created.
Now wheelchair access to the beach is via the boat ramp. That will change.
The plan is to connect the picnic area with the beach. A new concession building will be erected.

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