Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shane McConkey memorial April 5

A memorial service for Shane McConkey will take place at 4:30 pm on Sunday, April 5th on the Olympic Plaza Sundeck (base of KT-22) in Squaw Valley USA. A Gathering of Shane’s Friends will follow at 6:30 pm at the Olympic Village Lodge (OVL).

Even though he travelled the world, Shane’s presence in Squaw Valley was ubiquitous. From the many pairs of rockered skis that dangle from the chairs lifts, to the scores of 18 to 30 year-old Shane-idolizing dream chasers – in Squaw Valley , Shane is everywhere. People live here because of Shane. People come to ski here because of Shane. They find euphoria skiing on skis invented by Shane, while skiing lines they saw Shane ski in a movie. Shane McConkey ’s influence and resounding affect on the members of this community cannot be quantified.

When word of Shane’s death first hit, disbelief, sadness, and the looming question “why?” ran rampant. Today, the flags in Squaw Valley hang at half mast still, but slowly a sense of humor has begun to come back. Reminded of Shane’s satirical genius and hilarity through good times and through bad, we strive now to conjure these traits in ourselves. Shane is life, hyperbolized. May we smile and live loud for Shane - his life and his legacy.

Visit for more information, and to share your memories and send your wishes to Sherry and Ayla.

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