Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29 Community Meeting

The third and what is expected to be final community meeting was attended by hundreds of residents on June 29 at South Tahoe Middle School.

Some facts:

1. fire is 80 percent contained
2. an illegal campfire started the 3,100 acre inferno
3. no suspects
4. when caught, the culprits could have to pay for fire suppression costs
5. those costs are expected not to exceed $15 million
6. fire started at Seneca Pond, 150 yards from the nearest road ... this area is popular with locals, mountain bikers, etc.
7. Donna Deaton, fire investigator, does not believe it was intentionally set
8. reports of a meth lab being found in the burn area are false
9. 254 houses destroyed, that number could still go up, according to a sheriff's deputy
10. NO commercial buildings were destroyed
11. USFS hopes to have responses to questions from previous meetings on website in a few days
12. at the peak 2,197 firefighters were on the scene; today there were 1,335; Saturday expect 600-700; Sunday down to 500
13. through the weekend the area from North Upper Truckee at Grizzly Mountain to Lake Tahoe Boulevard at Sawmill Pond Road will remain open only to residents
14. El Dorado County Deputy DA Hans Uthe said his folks, those from the State Contractors License Board and State Insurance Office will be out in force to answer questions and arrest anyone trying to prey on locals "It's serious business. People will take what little you have left. You've had enough pain and don't need anymore," he said.
15. one burned out resident retold a story of having been to her place on Thursday, came back Friday and beer bottles were on the lot and a few remaining items disturbed
16. El Dorado County Board of Supervisors at the regularly scheduled July 3 meeting are expected to discuss fast-tracking the permitting process to rebuild and a possible reduction in costs for those permits.
17. LTCC is hosting the bulk of the agencies who will be able to people get on with their lives.

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