Friday, June 29, 2007

Scam artists in Tahoe

This is from the police chief in South Lake Tahoe, June 29, 2007

We are already beginning to hear of scam artist, illegal contractors, and gypsies coming to town to prey on the victims of this fire. Jurisdictionally, most of these issues will be handled by the Insurance Commission, Contractors Board, along with the District Attorney’s Office; however, we must be prepared as they will be operating within our town.

Please insure we dispatch an Officer to all complaints received and a report is generated. From Detectives, please assign a liaison Detective (single point of contact) to coordinated with allied agencies on these scams. Our stance will be zero tolerance, like you, I have no patience for persons seeking to profit from these victims.

Also, Fred Mercado will be investigating and tracking potential scams brought to the City’s attention. Please have our Detective coordinate with the City Attorney’s Office.

Thanks, Terry
Terry Daniels
Chief of Police

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