Friday, December 21, 2007

Drug court starts in South Lake

unedited from Dec.07 Tahoe Mt. News

Special court for adult drug convicts

Judge Jerry Lasarow started the Adult Felony Drug Court in South Lake Tahoe last month.
It’s geared toward people, especially pregnant women and parenting adults, who are struggling with substance abuse and who have committed nonviolent felony crimes.
Participants receive outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment if indicated and submit to frequent drug testing. They must also come to court a minimum of once every two weeks to have their progress reviewed by Lasarow.
Clients may also participate in mental health counseling, parent education, employment coaching, job placement and/or anger management classes.
To successfully graduate, individuals must remain clean and sober, and complete the objectives in their treatment plans and terms of probation. For most individuals, the program will take a year to 18 months.
The program is a collaborative effort between El Dorado County, including the Public Health Department, Superior Court, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender, Sierra Recovery Center, and the Probation Department, and is funded by a grant from the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.
For more information, call (530) 621-7571.

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