Friday, December 21, 2007

South Tahoe's general plan

unedited 12-07 Tahoe Mt.News

By Kathryn Reed

Government by the people seems to be non-existent in South Lake Tahoe if the attendance at last month’s general plan meeting is used as the barometer.
The 1999 document is being updated over the course of the next two years. About a dozen people showed up at the Nov. 15 meeting to give input. The next meeting is slated for February.
As unsexy as the words “general plan” sound, it along with the budget are the most important city documents that affect the local citizenry.
The state mandates the plan include: land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise and safety. The city is broadening the document to include: land use and community design, economic development, housing, transportation and circulation, public/quasi-public facilities and services, natural and cultural resources, recreation, health and safety, and administration and implementation.
Those at the meeting answered questions pertaining to most of the above issues and then were able to pose a question that the consultants would take back to the drawing board.
Mintier & Associates out of Sacramento are the consultants hired by the city to assemble the general plan. More information is available at

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