Monday, February 9, 2009

Heavenly ski resort wants water

Water may be the next precious resource mined in Nevada. Heavenly wants to drill for the liquid gold to supply its ever-growing snowmaking operation.
North America’s largest snowmaking resort wants to tap into water on land it leases from the U.S. Forest Service that is outside the basin. Right now to cover its slopes with fake snow on the Nevada side the resort buys water form Kingsbury General Improvement District.
Heavenly and the USFS are looking to drill two exploratory wells this summer. One would be near the top of Galaxy lift, the other near there Lower Milky Way and Orion’s Belt trails intersect.
If sufficient water is found to warrant putting in permanent wells, more details of the National Environmental Policy Act would need to be followed.
Comment on the proposed temporary wells by Feb. 23 by sending emails to with Heavenly Mountain Exploratory Water Wells in the subject line, or calling (530) 543-2769.

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