Saturday, February 28, 2009

Upcoming Tahoe events

May – that’s when the next Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority event takes place.
The Sports Commission is coordinating the Masters Track Meet at South Tahoe Middle School. The May 30-31 event is expected to attract 500 participants.
June 13-14 will be the Summer Kick-off, formerly known as Opening Days Lake Tahoe. Because it seemed to shutdown the South Shore more than open it up to visitors, it has been renamed and restructured.
A food and wine festival will be staged in the Ski Run area that weekend. Other events are likely to be dispersed throughout the South Shore. Geogaching, an event LTVA has sponsored the last couple of years, will also take place that same weekend.
LTVA Executive Director Carol Chaplin gave an update to the South Lake Tahoe City Council on Jan. 6. She said the number of visitors to the website is staying constant, while people are perusing pages longer.
In the first quarter of this fiscal year that began Oct. 1, the South Lake Tahoe visitors center had 724 more visitors than the previous year, the Stateline center numbers increased by more than 1,000 and the Meyers center had 800 more than 2007.
LTVA board meetings have been moved to the second Thursday of the month at 3pm. January’s meeting has been canceled.

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