Saturday, February 28, 2009

Puppy mill ordinance gains traction

1/09 unedited Tahoe Mt. News:

By Kathryn Reed

South Lake Tahoe is soon expected to have an ordinance on the books banning the sale of all cats and dogs through retail outlets.
City Attorney Cathy DiCamillo plans to bring back wording for the council to consider at its Jan. 27 meeting. In December the council reviewed options outlined by special counsel Larry Wiener who works for Richards-Watson-Gershon in Los Angeles.
Besides a total ban, the council could have opted to license the retail sale of puppies by pet stores or regulate the retail sale of puppy mill bred puppies. Private small dog breeder operations in the city would not be affected by the ordinance.
Councilman Hal Cole, who used to breed Malamutes, made the motion to ban all sales of dogs and cats, while Mayor Pro Tem Kathay Lovell, herself a dog breeder, seconded it. It passed unanimously.
City Manager Dave Jinkens said research is needed to find out how such an ordinance would affect Internet sales of animals within city limits.
Broc’s Puppies is the only store in the city selling puppies. A representative was at the Dec. 9 council meeting but had to leave before the item was heard. DiCamillo said if the council passes an ordinance to ban the sale of these animals, that Broc’s would be phased out of business.
As with all ordinances, it must have to readings where comment from the public is sought.

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